A Shot of Tequila with Amy Bartlett

Our most established community manager is a social media strategy, digital advertising and content creation specialist. Amy is a bona fide qualified Wordsmith with honours, and she’s also a seasoned beauty and fashion blogger across multiple mediums.

But which dead celebrity would she share a Happy Meal with? Which drag queen occupies 90% of her waking thoughts? What’s the etiquette behind correct emoji use? We trapped her with a shot of tequila and forced her to answer the questions that matter. Brace yourself for some hard-hitting journalism.

Q: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A: Vet (now incredibly squeamish), fashion designer (can’t sew), actress (crippling anxiety about public speaking)

Q: How do you develop an authentic tone of voice for the brands you work with?

A: It’s important for tone of voice to reflect the brand’s overall image and also be suitable for the target audience. For example, a cocktail bar can be a bit naughty, make jokes and use lots of wink emojis. A casual restaurant is light hearted and enthusiastic, with descriptive food words and lots of exclamation marks. More ‘serious’ brands are to-the-point – cut the crap and make it clear.

Q: If you had to delete all but three apps from your phone, which ones would you keep?

A: Twitter (I would usually say Instagram but I’m falling out of love with it), ASOS and Spotify.

Q: If you could invite a famous wordsmith for dinner, who would it be and what would you feed them?

A: As cliche as it sounds, I would love to sit down with J K Rowling and just explore her weird, weird brain. We would eat spaghetti bolognese, not for any particular reason, I just really like it. Also, if Freddie Mercury counts as a Wordsmith I’d love to go for a McDonald’s drive-thru with him

Q: If you had to teach a class on something, what would it be?

A: The evolution of Lady GaGa. It would a listening party playing through her entire discography, plus analysing her music videos, influences and iconic fashion moments.

Q: If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change?

A: Shangela was robbed.

Q: What’s something you believed earlier in your career but think about differently now?

A: That adults know exactly what they’re doing and that working professionals are all very organised and efficient.

Q: What’s your favourite word, and why?

A: Nibble. It’s just nice and it reminds me of cake.

Q: Which social media networks do you regularly engage with?

A: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (mainly to update family).

Q: Morning person or night owl?

A: Morning person. I love the feeling of a new day, I like resetting overnight and waking up with a fresh outlook.